Santorini.If you wanna ride another planet.


I woke up because the ship engine turned off.

There are some strict regulations conserning docking, to this  bottomless port.

I opened my eyes. I was parallel to the deck. A wall of inpenetratable black lifted verticaly cutting my eye-sight.

A serpantine of small flickering lights on top of it.

The darkest blue a sky can wear, the blackest a sea.



The ship silently passed by crystalic formations of obsidian that reflected the full moon’s  blinding light.

The burned island.

NASA has some station there.2018-03-17-0009


The island is moving upwords, some cm’s per year, obidient to the power of lava beneath.

We are now sailing literally over the open mouth of a volcano.




Talking from personal experience, I recomend  bathing in hot sulfuric mud ; can make you happy.


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